How to Split PDF Files Online

Today we will learn how to Split Pdf files online.

I will tell you how to split pdf files online, which I have been using for the last 3 years.

I have tried different websites. And finally, I found the website

This website easily does your work of pdf file splitting.

Let’s start the process.

1. Go to the website


Split PDF Files


2. Click on the SPLIT PDF icon on the top. ( Shown by red Color).


Split Pdf Online


3. You will see the following page.


Split PDF File


4. Click on the Select PDF File button. A dialog box will appear. Choose the PDF file you wanted the split. After selecting the file, click on the open button.


Choose the File


5. After a few seconds, you will see a pdf file on screen with the total number of pages.


File with number of Pages


6. Then you can select the page range from the option given on the page’s Right Sidebar.


Select the Page Range


7. After selecting the page range, click on the Split PDF button at bottom of the right sidebar.


Click on Split PDF Button


8. After this website will start uploading the file. Uploading the file will take time depending on file size and internet speed.


File Uploading Started


9. As soon as a file is uploaded, the website will start the splitting process itself.


File Splitting Starts


10. After splitting is completed, the file will be automatically downloaded to your computer in Zip format. If the download does not start itself, you can click on the Download split PDF file button.


File Download Started


11. Now the file is downloaded. You can extract the file with desired software.


File Unzipping


12 . In the extracted folder you can see your split files.


Split Files


In this way, you can Spit PDF Files online with the help of ilovepdf.

Try this website for the splitting of PDF Files. 

If you find difficulty in splitting pdf files online, you can ask me in the comments.

Also, if you have any suggestions you can always leave a comment. 

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